How might we make an identity that works for a logotype and for a stamp too

The ask

The director of Real Fábrica de Cristales asks us to redesign their identity because their brand does not reflect the essence of the factory. The factory needed a major change in its communication.

The solution

As Real Fábrica de Cristales was a place of royalty, we decided to start by changing the name a little, replacing "cristales" with its uniqueness being this Real Fábrica de Cristal de la Granja and we would get to transmit a unique and original product.

In our research we realized that all the products were handmade and the price was very high, so buying them was a luxury.

To summarize the essence of the factory we determined the claim "The luxury of craftsmanship" / "El lujo de la artesanía".

About the logo, we did a research about the factory, the products and the activities they have. We realized that the decorations they make on their Art Noveau-inspired products were repeating themselves, so we began to play with these symbols in our search for identity.

Real Fábrica de Cristales de la Granja
Real Fábrica de Cristales de la Granja

For us the place of "La Granja" was important and another important point was the need for a seal, so we have a clear idea that the logo had to be round.

We started to make combinations with these elements: the decoration and the "G" and the result was a minimalist and elegant brand that reminds us of Art Noveau.

Furthermore, the brand was multifunctional as we were asked, it could be put on the walls, on the glass and had many possibilities of compositions.